Spacer Frames

Spacer frames are an accessory, which fit into the rebate of a picture frame (they cannot be used alone), they are used to extend the depth of a picture frame; this would then be described as a box picture frame or shadow frame.

Our spacer frames are made of MDF, in depths of 10mm to 50mm, other sizes can be custom made. MDF may be used natural or can be finished with paint, wood stains, varnish, colour washes, etc.

We also offer spacer frames, which are lined on the inside face with any colour from our mountboard range, which when combined with an uncut back mount, with or without a front mount, are ideal for 3d items. We can also colour line the outside of a spacer frame, please contact us for details.

Depending on the depth, spacer frames may extend from the back of the picture frame. We show the rebate depth of all our mouldings on our mouldings page and in our frame designer so you can see if your chosen spacer frame will extend or not. See our guide to framing 3D objects, for a perfect finish to the back of your frame.

Spacer frames fit within the main frame rebate, therefore the spacer frame may overlap the edge of your artwork, on each edge by 6mm (8mm for colour lined). If you need your work to fit inside of the spacer frame please add 12mm (16mm for colour lined) to the width & height of your art size when entering image & mount size, into our sister site Picture Frame Designer.

Spacer frames fit within the main frame, not the mount aperture. If you require a spacer frame to fit mount apertures you need to order two spacer frames, one at the aperture size and one at the main frame size.

If you require any help please contact us

Natural spacer frame in 77i natural oak frame
88i natural oak frame with plain spacer frame.
Spacer frame held in place with turn buttons
Back of frame, spacer frame within main frame.
Back of frame, spacer frame extending from main frame.
Natural spacer frame.
Natural spacer frame, also available with a colour lining.
Colour lined spacer frame.
Spacer frame with a colour lining.
Colour lined spacer frame show inside of frame.
Picture frame with colour lined spacer frame.