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Use our online Picture Frame Designer, to create custom made picture frames of any size, in a choice of frames and mounts, with the option to upload and view your framed artwork online.

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Sports Medal Frames

Select from our range of sports medal mounts to design your frame online.

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Military Medal Frames

Select from our range of military medal mounts to design your frame online.

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Bevian - Bespoke custom made picture frames

We are an artisan business based in South Wales, as a small enterprise we pride ourselves on being able to provide the highest level of service. We specialise in handcrafted custom made picture frames for 3D items, Military & Sports medals, plus picture frames for artwork of all descriptions. We also have a range of readymade picture frames. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us to discuss your needs, we will work with you to make your perfect picture frame.

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Military Medal Frames

World War One also known as the Great War, which lasted from 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918 affected millions of people at the time, to this day we still remember this horrific time in history.

Do you have medals or other memorabilia from relatives of the time that you would like framed, to preserve their memories, if so, see our range of military medal frames or contact us if you would like a custom designed frame.

Great war image for WW1 medal frames