Picture frame designer home page

From our home page click “Custom Made” then
“Go To Custom Frame Designer” which opens
a new page on our sister site Crescent Picture Frames.

Picture frame designer selection page

Frame designer home page.


Enter image size, this will be the mount aperture or glazing size.
“Overall external dimensions” are the outside of the frame.

Picture frame designer upload image

Optional, upload an image to see your artwork framed.
Please note we do not print this for you.

Picture frame designer select frame

Click “Select Frame”. For more information see our frame mouldings page.

Picure frame designer select frame

Select your frame choice.

Picture frame designer select pacer frame

Click Select Spacer Frame if required.

Picture frame designer select spacer frame

Select your choice of spacer frame depth with
or without colour lining, click update.
For more information see our Spacer Frame page.

Picture frame designer select mount colours

“Select Mount Colour”

Frame Designer Mount Colours

Enter top mount border sizes required, chose colour.
Enter second/back mount overlap, chose colour.
Chose a colour for an uncut/mount with no aperture.
Click on “Update Your Mount Colours.

Picture frame designer chose glazing.

Click “Select Glazing”

Picture frame designer chose glazing.

Click on drop down arrow to select glass,
acrylic or none, click “Update”

Picture frame designer total cost

At each stage the cost is show, you can go back
to any stage at any time to change your selection.
If you require any help please contact us.