All of our picture frames can be used for standard pieces of art work, photographs etc. or for 3D items when you order a spacer frame. Use our picture frame designer to order the required parts e.g. the frame, mounts, glass. All frames are automatically include an mdf backboard, sealing tape, cord and eyes.

Use this guide to help you measure for a custom made picture frame of any size.

1. Measure the image size from left to right, this gives you the width.

2. Measure the image size from top to bottom, this gives you the height.

If ordering a mount with your frame deduct a minimum of 4mm from the width and height to give a small 2mm overlap on each edge of your art work.

3. Enter these measurements into our frame designer, on the image & mount tab. If selecting mounts, the aperture size will automatically remain at the correct size for your artwork as measured in 1 & 2 above.

Tip How to select the right mount border size?

As a general rule the wider the mount, the better the picture will look, so when framing artwork, as a starting point think of a border of approximately 50mm. On smaller pictures the border can be narrower.

Notes: – The front mount will be covered on each outside edge by the frame rebate, which is 6mm on most frame mouldings.

Our spacer frames are 6mm wide; if you want a 3D item to fit tight into a spacer frame this should be allowed for by adding 12mm to the height and 12mm to the width as measured in 1 & 2 above.

When manufacturing picture frames there can be a tolerance of + or – 2mm.

If you need any further help please contact us.