Below we show you how to stretch and frame your cross stitch work, you will of course need a picture frame for your work, so take a look at our unique Frame Designer to view your work online, in a bespoke custom made picture frame with a choice of frames and mounts. 

1. Clean the glass, using a pump action glass cleaner, kitchen paper, and a lint free duster, set aside to dry.

 2. Cut a plain piece of mount board in a colour that will not show through, larger than you cross stitch image, allowing at least 20mm on each side.

 3. Line up your cross stitch centrally on the mount board, using dress makers pins, pin your work to the top edge of the mount board approximately every 50mm. Pull your work taught line up and pin along the bottom edge of the mount board.

 4. Pull the excess overlapping Aida around to the back; using a strong thread, lace the top and bottom edges together, and then remove the pins. You can now adjust the Aida top to bottom to get your cross stitch lined up correctly.

 5. Repeat instructions two and three on the sides of you cross stitch. 

 6. Working from the front, line up your cross stitch with the mount aperture and secure in place by taping on all four sides using a good quality self adhesive tape.

 7.  Open retaining clips, place into your frame, close retaining clips and seal the back of your frame with a good quality tape to keep dust out; screw in hanging “eyes” or “D” rings approximately 1/3 from the top of the frame and attach hanging cord.