1. Clean the glass, using a pump action glass cleaner (aerosols cause static), kitchen paper, and a lint free duster, place into the main frame set aside to dry.

2. Measure your image and mdf back board; fix your base print to the centre of the mdf back board with a good quality aerosol adhesive.

3. Line up the mdf back board with your print attached, with the back mount and spacer frame, staple through the back of the boards into the spacer frame.


4. Turn over and if required fix the main 3D Decoupage picture to the base print with silicone.


5. Place the front mount, then the clean glass onto the spacer frame with the main frame and carefully turn over.


6. If there are any gaps between the spacer and main frame, fold small pieces of brown sticky tape to wedge the two frames together and use small amounts of wood glue to fix both frames together, being careful the glue does not bleed through to the front of the mount or the glass.


7. Cut 2 short & 2 long lengths of brown sticky tape, working on newspaper, start with the top side, wet the sticky tape, and stick down onto the main frame, smooth up the side of the spacer frame and over the top onto the mdf back board to cover the staples.


8. Using a scalpel blade or a scissors cut into the two ‘corners’ of the sticky tape.


9. Tuck the side ‘tab’ around the corner onto the spacer frame, and bring the top tab from the mdf back board down the side of the spacer frame.


10. Repeat stage 7, 8 & 9 on the bottom, then on both sides. Note. Always use good quality brown sticky tape which needs wetting to activate, as any form of self adhesive tape will dry out and peel off.


11. Measure approximately one third of the height of the frame from the top, use a bradawl to make a small hole in the back of the frame, and screw in a suitable size screw eye, being careful not to come through the front face of the frame.


12. Thread good quality nylon cord through the screw eyes and tie of with a reef knot.


13. Even if you do not use a deep rebated frame but use the correct materials in the right way, your picture will look good even if it can be seen from the side.