Examples of our custom made picture frames.
Framed ships champagne cork Household cavalry crests Framed Queen memorabilia
Custom made frame for the champagne cork,
from the bottle used to launch a ship.
3D red felt lined frame for
Household Cavaley helmet crests.
Custom made picture frame for Queen
memorabilia presented as a birthday gift.
A collection of military memrobilia   Welsh international rugby caps   Modern art picture frame
A collection of miliary memrobilia, including
medals, cap badges, and dress belt.
Framed Welsh club and
international caps.
3d frame for a piece of modern art
created by melting wax crayons.
JD medal          PH egyptian      Manchester marathon medal
Custom made frame & mount for
Queens diamond jubilee medal. 
Custom made frame & mounts with lined spacer frame for 2000 year old Egyptian Cartonnage.
Picture frame to display Manchester
marathon medal with running number.
 Babies 1st year    Fishing flies    OBE
Picture frame for a babies first year,
where a new photo is added each month.
 Custom made fishing fly display case.
 O.B.E. Picture frame.
  ww11 medals display    Heart g.book    Japanese silk embroidery frame
Display frame for world war two medals,
badge and photograph.
Picture frame with wooden hearts to be use
as a wedding guest book.
Made to measure picture frame for a
Japanese silk embroidery.
 Multi aperture picture mount    Jiu Jitsu medal frame    Baby foot and hand cast
 Custom made picture frame with multi apertures, for Welsh Snooker Championship.
Jiu Jitsu medal picture frame, made to customers specification.
Bespoke deep 3d picture frame, for baby
foot and hand casts.
Haute Route memorabilia frame  
Military medal display case
Picture frame made to customer specification for
Haute Route medal and memorabilia.
Military medal display frame, with two colour
front mounts, black back mount.
Custom made Ironman Wales picture frame.
 Triple aperture mount    Double aperture mount  
 Double apertur/colour mounts
3971 Snow white triple aperture mount, 77i Black Lacqure frame.
3971 Snow white double, 8C Oak Frame. 
Top mount 3954 Nightshade, back mount 372 Black,
21G Blue-Grey Wash gse frame.
Custom made limed ash fame,
with antique white mount. 
Small Custom made limed ash picture frames,
with antique white mounts. 
Limed ash picture frames hanging at
Staacks gallery, Wirral.
       Sea shell picture frame
Military medal picture frame, for ww2 medals and cap badge, for more info please contact us.
Picture frame with double mounts, for ww2 Lancaster aeroplane top gunner crew member. 
 One of our unusual picture frames, for sea shells varying in size from 25mm down to 2mm.