S15 Marathon Medal Frame

S15 Marathon Medal Frame
Marathon medal frame for a three sports medals with ribbon showing, size 450mm x 335mm. Apertures size 90mm x 215mm.
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  • Art size: 450mm x 335mm


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    • 78F Dark Walnut GSE

    • 44E Wormed Mahogany

    • 71E Wormed Teak GSE

    • 15E Distressed Honey Pine

    • 45F Mahogany GSE

    • 6G Mahogany GSE

    • 46H Walnut

    • 157K Black Wood Grain

    • 168D Grained Blue Wash

    • 169D Grained Green Wash

    • 170D Grained Light Brown

    • 29C Limed Oak

    • 19G Green Wash GSE

    • 21G Blue-Grey Wash GSE

    • 84D Black Grained

    • 182F Stepped Black Woodgrain

    • 183F Stepped White Woodgrain

    • 184F Stepped Brown Woodgrain

    • 52E Antique Gold

    • 96F Flat Antique Gold

    • 58F Gold

    • 27E Antique Silver

    • 2F Flat Antique Silver

    • 17G Silver

    • 62J Pure Silver

    • 63J Pure Gold

    • 64J Gunmetal

    • 97F Charcoal Woodgrain

    • 98F Light Woodgrain

    • 99F Dark Woodgrain

    • 77i Black Lacquer

    • 100H White Lacquer

    • 90G Natural Ash

    • 88i Natural Oak

    • 67E Natural Ramin

    • 164F Natural Ash

    • 165J Natural Lime

    • 146i Natural Obeche

    • 93E Light Brown Polymer

    • 94E Light Grey Polymer

    • 95E Charcoal Polymer

    • 109F Wide Light Brown Polymer

    • 110F Wide Light Grey Polymer

    • 185R Whitewash Driftwood

    • 186R Grey Driftwood

    • 187R Charcoal Driftwood

    • 112i 28mm Flat White

    • 11i 28mm Flat Black

    • 113K 42mm Flat White

    • 28K 42mm Flat Black

    • 101H Blue

    • 102H Purple

    • 104H Red

    • 105H Orange

    • 176H Yellow

    • 178H Lime Green

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S15 Marathon Medal Frame