How To Use Our Frame Designer

upload image

If desired you can upload an image of the item you wish to frame, from your computer, or a media card, though this is not essential.

Please Note: We do not print any images for you. You have to arrange this yourself.

 Choose mounts 

Select single image or multi images. Enter your image size see how to measure. If you require mounts click on down arrow, select one, two or three. Click the select colour button to choose a colour. Enter mount border width's for the top mount, if selected adjust other mount borders to show desired amount of colour. It may be nessesary to use the refresh button after entering measurments.

If you require a mount without an apperture, select from dropdown menu.

   Choose multi aperture mounts 

For multi images, select required apertures, enter image sizes, these can all be the same or of different sizes. Enter the required spacing between, each column and row.

If you require a different quantity of apertures please contact us.



Select your frame, you can change the frame choice as many times as you wish untill you find a frame which you like. If you only require mounts or a spacer frame select frame not required.

   Choose 3d spacer frame 

Choose an unfinished or colour lined spacer frame if required. A spacer frame gives depth to any of our picture frames, which can then be used for 3d items. For more information see spacer frames

   Choose glazing 

Choose glass, acrylic or none. Please note that we can take no responsibility for any breakage of glass during transit, as no carrier will cover breakage of glass.  As an alternative to glass we can supply a high-quality 1.5mm acrylic which is a modern, safe, shatterproof alternative.


Add any accessories you may require.

   Review Order 

Review your order, you can make any alterations to your choices at any time, when ready proceed to checkout.